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My goals in DPS911

This semester, I'm determined to push my software development skills to the next level. Let's see what is the outcome in the next 3 months.

In the next 3 months I want to

Help remove src/backend

In December 2021, I worked on a small part of the backend of Telescope #2541, #2585, it was on RSS feed parsing queue/worker. Due to the pub/sub model of Redis, there were some difficulties retrieving some data about the queue. Deleting the backend and moving it to the microservices can take quite some time and effort, but yeah, I'm up for it.

Learn more React, better yet React in typescript

I've been coding React the way I know, I'm ready for different ways. The goals are to explore more use cases (how React is used to solve telescope problems), React's capabilities and to get some exposure on Typescript usage in React.

Learn Docker:

Kubernetes has created a great platform/tool Docker to ship running applications. I want to understand docker files, how to containerize pieces of code and in the end create a small project using Docker. It's also in high demand in the market (big plus).

Get better at project management

I'll have chances to oversee telescope, allocating suitable maintainers to different aspects of the project (issues, PR, reviews, research...). It'll improve my leadership skills and I really enjoy working with and guiding people.

Well, I set the bar quite high, I hope I'm not biting more than I can chew.

Adding a personal note here, I'm joining a few Hackathons with my friends (we're sick of not having exposure) and I also gotta take care of Co-op job search. This term is gonna interesting.

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