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Getting up to speed

I just won a hackathon last weekend, yay, I was great but it took away about 3-4 days from me so I had to catch up on some school work.

My PR got reverted 😅:

I opened a PR to solve this issue. I removed most of the file src/backend/lib/redis.js and some packages to fully utilize Redis connection from Satellite. After some back and forth, it got merged but a bit later Duke found out that it broke master, the backend couldn't start.

I did some quick debug and with the help from Abdul, we identified that cause of the bug but I didn't proceed to solve it because it's an underlying bug and what I was trying to do was not a priority. Though, I learned more about telescope's Docker containers and its backend which definitely will help me later.

Reading up on parser service 🧐:

One of the the goals for this term is to remove src/backend and run microservices fully instead. I've been reading up on the parser-service, it's pretty similar to the backend so it's a bit easier for me to get familiar. I'm going to go through it once more before asking Josue or Chris to give me a tour and then proceed to write some tests for it.

Continuing ongoing PR 📱:

I'm teaming up with Francesco and Alex to try to finish this PR updating telescope mobile view. To be frankly, I'm not that enthusiastic when it comes to front-end but yeah, it's in TS React so I'll try to make it work. We put our heads together earlier this week to decide what's wrong with it and probably we're gonna start coding it up very soon.

I'll try to put at least 2 PRs in release 2.6 and try to getting up to speed as well.

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