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Difference between web2 and web3

In this article I’ll be explaining the difference between the trending technologies we’ve been seeing recently which is the web 2 and web 3 technologies.

To make us understand the difference we first have to know the meaning and the similarities between each of them and the meaning of each and everyone of the the technologies.


Web 2 describes the current state of the internet, the version that we currently use that involves user generated content and is controlled by corporations. It involves sending data via various apis storing them on centralized storage platforms or cloud platforms . It really shaped up the type of mainstream communication today because most social media apps are built on it. The major difference between web 2 and web 3 is the users identity… while web 2 uses the user’s name, his date of birth and other sensitive information to identify users web 3 uses a generated address or token as a means of identification. This makes the user identity less exposed and can reduce identity theft.
Web 2 has it’s advantages has it has helped bring media and communications to a higher level and it has generated lots of revenue for the administrators.


Now web 3, web 3 is the 3rd version of the internet in which the internet process information in through machine learning and decentralized technology. Both users and machine will have access to the data for this to happen the data context and concept must be understood.
It has been known to us that web 3 will be built on decentralization, the block chain and it will use this in combination with artificial intelligence to interact with the real world. This will help the technology to deliver a faster and personalized user experience. Unlike web 2 interacting with the web 3 could earn you some money. This includes the usage of tokens on the blockchain, play to earn games, decentralized automated organizations and non fungible tokens.

Web 3 is a trustless, open, permissionlees and ubiquitous platform.

The major difference between web 2.0 and web 3.0includes

  1. Decentralization: Information is free and cannot be controlled and censored because it’s decentralized.

  2. Web 3.0 does not require personal data or information to make payments or purchase anything

  3. Web2 servers could crash while web3 uses decentralized storage systems which replicates several nodes

I hope I’ve explained perfectly the difference between web2 and web3 in this article. Thank you for your time. Drop your questions below if you have any

This article is written on behalf of blockgames, nestcoin and zuri

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