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React Native Flawless UI

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Performance is one of the topic which can change the overall perception of the service you deliver.
To be honest, we have sometimes a hard time matching our and our customers expectation on that topic.
This articles is based on what we learned so far during this journey.
Mistakes that we did, and will not reproduce, or stuff that we learnt and actions that we took in responses.

Everything you know about React performance will apply in a React Native application

There are some great React Native Apps out-there. Here is how we try to be one of them.

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Table of Content


  1. React Navigation
  2. Tab navigation

State Management

  1. Component state
  2. Context API
  3. Redux
  4. Mobx
  5. VSCode warning


  1. Formik
  2. Redux Form
  3. Formik Validation
  4. Form ScrollView

Custom Component

  1. UI Component Library
  2. Header Use Component Library
  3. Button
  4. Screen Sizes and Resolutions

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