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Help I need to choose a UI Automation tool!

Our team has the opportunity to choose a new UI Automation tool for a new web front end. We're considering Python/Selenium, WebdriverIO, Test Café or Cypress. Here's what we need to support for technology:

  1. The user interface is developed on Node.js with React.
  2. Need some support for iframes automation as some legacy apps will be plugged in.
  3. Need the ability to pass in test script parameters including Host Header support for K8S and so we can run tests in CI/CD pipelines.
  4. An open source tool with an active user community would be nice! We might be able to convince the company to pay for a tool that is totally awesome :)

We've done some basic automation POCs (Proof of Concepts) with Python/Selenium and WebdriverIO. Our automation people have some good coding skills in Java/C# but more limited skills in Python/Javascript.

What do you think? Thanks!

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Liviu Lupei • Edited on

Hi @tswiftma , if you're doing POCs, you should also give Endtest a shot.

It's a platform with tons of features:
• Easily create and edit automated tests without writing any code.
• Cross-browser cloud where you can run your tests (including Safari and IE).
• Endtest Mailbox, for testing emails.
• Functionality to test SMS messages.
• Easy integration with any solution by using the Endtest API

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Andrew Shanks

I find to be a great open source tool.

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Playwright is also nice to use. More consistent api compared to cypress

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tswiftma Author

Anyone using