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Discussion on: How to get a job using Rust (and other questions)

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Tsvetan Ganev

I'm not into Rust, but I find your initiative admirable! As an outsider my impression of the Rust community is that it's a really friendly environment full with people who want to help each other. It reminds me on what the Node.js community was years ago before it went mainstream. Back in the day finding a job as Node.js developer wasn't easy, but nowadays demand has grown enormously. I wish the same future for Rust!

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Neeesh Author

Thanks for your kind wishes! They're very encouraging

The warmth of the Rust community was (and is) its most valuable asset! It's difficult to express in quantifiable terms so I'll defer to a personal anecdote:

Last year I met Zeeshan to discuss some opportunities. We began by talking about basic work stuff. But almost immediately the purpose of the conversation became unimportant. We were simply happy to talk about Rust in general! If I remember correctly we chatted for about 90 minutes.

For me it's very energizing to talk about a shared passion with someone you've just met. And this is what Rust means to me.

(Zeeshan also happens to be a pilot. Soon after, he invited me to fly with him over Brandenburg. If you're ever in the area you can book a flight with him here: