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Discussion on: Have you ever regretted going open-source?

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Most of the time i made good experience with open-source and it's community all around the world.

I had this one project i was working on and released it to GitHub because i thought some people will find it useful. It good bigger and i was threatened by a user because of not immediately fixing a bug because his team used it in production.

I'm still using a lot of open-source and love the community but this event made it hard for me to ever release something again.

It's very important to have your mods ready! :D

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Raphael Habereder

Hey there and welcome to DEV! :)

I feel you, I had a similar experience. I built a backup mechanism for a big enterprise tool, that was free on github to use for private people. But corporations had to license it.

So I went and build that backup mechanism and my customer demanded I contribute to the original software. It was an "interesting" experience to say the least. The company demanded all kinds of, IMHO, unnecessary beauty changes, since their users "don't like command switches" (for a command line tool...).
So I went along with it, always having my customer breath down my neck "is it done yet?".

That took a lot of fun out of it, since then I kept my motivation mostly to my own projects.

As for your situation, I can only recommend this DEV post.

It's fantastic and may help you with moments like yours :)