Year and Decade End Report : 201*

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A Year in Big Data 2019

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It was a great year talking with the tech people of the Princeton area.



Deep Learning





Edge2AI in Barcelona


Enterprise IoT


HBase in CDP, FLaNK Stack and NiFi 1.10


At other events, I got to join some amazing colleagues spreading the word about cool open source technology.


The Cloudera Forum for CDP in MINNEAPOLIS. I got to help out on the amazing launch of Data in Motion on Cloudera.


I got to lead all-day workshops in NYC, Boston and Washington DC. I also got to talk about and do demos on NiFi and Phoenix for Cloudera Now online and some followup webinars.

I got to speak at a few awesome conferences this year.

Dataworks Summit Barcelona (https://www.slideshare.net/bunkertor/the-edge-to-ai-deep-dive-barcelona-meetup-march-2019) https://www.datainmotion.dev/2019/03/barcelona-dataworks-summit-march-2019.html

NoSQL Day DC (https://www.datainmotion.dev/2019/05/dataworks-summit-dc-2019-report.html) See my joint talk on Phoenix and NiFi.

Dataworks Summit DC (https://dzone.com/articles/dataworks-summit-and-nosql-day-review-2019-washing) See my talks on NiFi, Blockchain and Deep Learning.

Strata NYC (https://github.com/tspannhw/StrataNYC2019) . I helped with some hands-on training sessions on Data in Motion.

Nethope Conference Puerto Rico


I wrote a few articles this year:

- https://www.datainmotion.dev/2019/04/iot-edge-use-cases-with-apache-kafka.html

Here are my slides from 2019:

A Decade End Wrap Up 2010-2019

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency blew up and then blew up. There's a few solid use cases though and the similarities between early Hadoop and Blockchain are interesting. You can't count this stuff out.

What's Coming in 2020

  • Cloud Enterprise Data Platforms
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Streaming with Flink, Kafka, NiFi
  • AI at the Edge with Microcontrollers and Small Devices
  • Voice Data In Queries
  • Event Handler as a Service (Automatic Kafka Message Reading)
  • More Powerful Parameter Based Modular Streaming
  • Cloud First For Big Data
  • Log Handling Moves to MiNiFi
  • Full AI At The Edge with Deployable Models
  • More Powerful Edge TPU/GPU/VPU
  • Kafka is everywhere
  • Open Source UI Driven Event Engines
  • FLaNK Stack gains popularity

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