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Dec 12, 2022 FLiP Stack Weekly

Dec 12, 2022 FLiP Stack Weekly

People are FLiPN out about It is a game changer, add another few years and this should be 10x better.

ChatGPT wrote me this Pulsar function:

import org.apache.pulsar.functions.api.Context;
import org.apache.pulsar.functions.api.Function;

public class BertQAFunction implements Function<String, String> {

  public String process(String input, Context context) {
    // Parse the input JSON into a Java object using a JSON library
    // such as Jackson or Gson
    MyJsonObject json = parseJson(input);

    // Use the Bert QA library to perform QA on the JSON object
    BertQAResult result = BertQA.runQA(json);

    // Return the result as a JSON string
    return result.toJson();

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I then tried to build 50 more. Some are good, some are minimal, some are bad and some are just shells. An interesting start and some good ideas on functions to build. I offer the source as a starter for anyone wanting to build some functions.

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docker exec -it pulsar bin/pulsar-admin topics get-retention persistent://public/default/items

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Another tip is don't run ChatGPT created functions on a cluster.


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