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Blog Intent

As I am new to web development, I reached out for help in my journey yesterday to Sam Julien. The focus of the conversation was my portfolio, but in general I sought advice in my efforts to land that first tech job. During the conversation Sam suggested I start a blog. Nothing special, just a written record of my journey that I can share and reflect on. Today marks the beginning of that record.

My intent will be to write every other day, at least, about anything related to my journey. That may be about learning Pixijs, or how to improve my resume, or a new person I met and what I took from the interaction.

I imagine this will reach a rather small audience, initially, but I do ask anyone interested to help by holding me accountable. If I have not posted recently, please ask my why. Too often I convince myself that I am wasting time because I see no results. The problem is that often means I stop spending time on things that matter before the results are visible, but that does not mean they are not present.

-Thomas Barrett

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