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Migrate your free Heroku dynos to now!

So I had this blog website of mine hosted in Heroku. I was using one of their free dynos. Life was good. And then I get a mail from Heroku saying that:

Reminder Upgrade now: Heroku free product plans end November 28th

I was also using their free Heroku Prostgres to store my blog entries. So I was least interested to migrate my cool blog from Heroku. I decided to upgrade my free dyno to a basic (paid) dyno. It was after all only 5$ per month. Wait, it was 5$ a month! That is no small amount for me. So I decided not to upgrade (tbh, I went ahead and put in my card details only to know that Indian banks have put a hold to recurring payments, so my card became invalid for Heroku subscription).

Fortunately on September 27th PyCoder's Weekly Issue #544 had an article about Heroku alternatives. It is from this article that I came to know about turned out to be cooler than I expected. This is what they say:

If you can build it into a Dockerfile, we can run it.

and more importantly:

If you have a Heroku app you'd like to bring closer to your users, give the Fly Turboku Launcher a spin.

So guess what I did. I opened up Turboku Launcher and followed the steps mentioned there. It's only 3 simple steps.

  1. Connect to Heroku
  2. Configure Heroku (choose app-name, location, heroku-app-name).
  3. Launch on (On a click of button).

That's it. takes care of all the other things. All I needed to do extra was to enter my card details for verification, which surprisingly worked here (stripe gateway).

Up and running 🚀. My blog website was migrated in less than 5 minutes. Happy again!

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