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Here is another vent-out from me. I felt like writing today so here I am. It is roughly 72 hours past 2022 and I am still how to utilize my time effectively in this new year. I had high hopes in the last few weeks of Dec'21 that I would make the next year a perfect one. But to be honest it hasn't been a great start.

So where is the problem? I suspect it is the lack of plan. I never planned anything solid to do in 2022. All I wanted was to be a better version of myself by doing more things that are productive. What activities do I classify as "productive"? That is a good starting question. If I can answer this question then I will get to know if my activities are aligned with my goals. Let me make it clear once again that my goal is to "make myself a better version by doing things that are productive".

I am doing an undergraduate course in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Though I used to work/learn in Computer Science projects before I even took up the undergrad course it only makes sense to put more of my energy into projects related to my current course of study - Electrical and Electronics. The reason why I chose the Electrical and Electronics course instead of a CS major is a separate topic by itself. I did try to involve myself simultaneously in both CS and EE projects in the previous year only to end up in a hectic schedule and frequent burn-outs. So I am now clear to delve into only one area of interest at a time.

Okay, so it is fixed that my primary focus is in doing projects and learning skills aligned towards Electrical and Electronics. What do I exactly do in this field? I can think of a few pathways. One, I could do a little extra of what I get to learn in my professional course. Like, if I get to learn about some circuits in today's class I could come back in the evening and try building a prototype of them. Or I could learn stuff that is not taught in the course but still is related to the field of Electrical or Electronics. The third pathway can be crossed-out as it involves me in CS projects after my day in college.

I am still not clear what I should choose: pathway 1 or 2. But yes, I did bring more clarity by writing out my thought process. Maybe I will come up with some concrete decision in some time. Meanwhile, the comments section are open to putting up your thoughts and how your New Year started. Did you start the year in a well planned out manner? How many of you are still holding on to your resolutions?

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