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Email Readme on Change Action

tryonlinux profile image Jordan Tryon ・1 min read

My Workflow

The Github action is called Email Readme on Change Action, and it is currently not being used anywhere as I just created it!

Figured this would be a good action to have as a readme is the first interaction someone has with your repo, best to make sure it is always in its best shape on each change by notifying the repo owners via email that contains the html version of your readme directly in the email.

Check out my post here for more info

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Link to Code

GitHub logo tryonlinux / email-readme-on-change-action

Action to email you the File on change during a push


Your readme is probably the most important part of your project, it is the first thing people see when they visit your repo. You probably should check it out when someone or yourself makes changes. This action is for that, it will send an email with the readme content on a push change to an email you specify.

I created this action to learn as part of the github action hackathon. Feedback is welcomed as it was my first attempt.





Example usage

uses: tryonlinux/email-readme-on-change-action@master

Make sure you set the sendgrid api secret for the repo under Settings > Secrets > SENDGRID_API_KEY as well as REPO_EMAIL_ADDRESS

Once those are set, if you or someone else updates the readme file and pushes it to the repo, an email will be sent to the email listed in REPO_EMAIL_ADDRESS with an markdown to html conversion in the body…

Additional Resources / Info

NPM Packages used:
showdown - To convert md file to html
sendgrid - To send html md file to email

Needs a SendGrid API Key, they are free (within a daily limit)

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