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re: A tip that will make your excellent articles (from what I skimmed) much easier to skim would be to give Dev.to a hint in the editor about what lang...

Thanks for the tip Michael.

I had assumed this would come over from the original article where I had marked all the code, but apparently that does not transfer so I need to add it again.


Ah I see you post in your blog and copy here. Cool move.

You’ve got a follow from me. Any chance you’re into MacOS development at all?

I am more of a Mac dev than an iOS dev, but with SwiftUI, it is easier to learn in iOS mode because the Canvas is a more convenient size. All the data flow options in this post are completely transferable to all the other Apple OSs.

Oh absolutely. I love that this new paradigm seems to be arising across all platforms. Compose on Android, React on web and cross platform, and Swift UI on Apple brands.

The reason I ask though is I’m having some difficulty figuring out navigation patterns using SwiftUI on MacOS. I know I need to dive into more samples but they certainly don’t make any effort to surface standard patterns.

Where did you learn about navigation with SwiftUI on MacOS?

I haven't explored SwiftUI on Mac much at all yet, so that is an interesting question to which I have no answer. My other query about Mac SwiftUI apps is how to configure menus.

Let me know if you find anything out. I’ve just got this terrible switch in my ‘body’ var to render different screens depending on state...

If you’d like to explore and do some pair programming together, I’m currently working on this: github.com/technoplato/TutorialAss...

I will get back to you if I discover anything useful.

Hi Michael,

I have just published a 3-part article on using SwiftUI for a Mac app which might answer some of your questions.

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