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Chingu Cohorts Weekly 103 β€” Voyage-16 is coming soon!


πŸŽ‰ Congratulations Voyage-14 teams and members who completed your project MVPs!

πŸš€ Voyage-16 is starting on February 4th!

πŸš€If you'd like to build a project in a software team or work on a new solo project feel free to check us out here:

Shout-outs & Showcases

πŸ”₯@sophia wrote this article 4-Step Strategy to Frame Your Thought Process in a Whiteboard Coding Interview that I highly recommend checking out!

πŸ”₯@evgen finished the tier-2 solo project this week. Check it out here!

πŸ”₯@shashi built this taxi service site. You can see it here!

Overheard in Chingu

Random lines taken out of context from the Chingu community.

I am a self taught programmer, I am a native arabic speaker, and english is my 3rd language, so forgive me if I do not understand what you are asking me
I am on the road to gain an excellent understanding of HTML, CSS and vanilla javascript. Then Node.js or ruby for the backend. I will learn frameworks once I’ve got a good grasp on the basics.
Why don’t you just stop thinking about the reasons why you need to do it and just do it? XD
I had a bad early experience trying to learn code in the classroom, and developed lots of doubt and fear about pursuing it. A few years ago, I became more brave and decided to give it a try again, on my own terms. I completed the Python course on codeacademy, and felt so excited.
did you guys use React Helmet in this pre-work project?
So you’re what.. Like a small elf or something?
yey, I’m almost done with pre-work project
Making infinity-scroll as a reusable component turned out to be the best decisions ever. That thing is a beast

Resources of the week

From @BtotheMoon:
β€œSome great free courses for beginners on this site (Mastering Markdown, Command Line Power User, What the Flexbox?!, Javascript30, and CSS Grid). The other courses are paid.”

Quote / meme to go

Alt Text

See you next week!

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