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Talk is Cheap, Show Me the Code

In today's job market, having the right qualifications can be the difference between landing a job or being overlooked. In the past, the standard way to prove a person's competency was to present a diploma or certification on paper. But what if the paper doesn't truly reflect the person's real skills?

It's time to move away from the traditional system of relying solely on diplomas and certifications to prove someone's competency and move towards a competency-based approach. In a competency-based system, individuals are assessed on their actual skills, not just the pieces of paper they hold. This approach is becoming increasingly popular as employers look for more tangible evidence of a candidate's capabilities.

One way employers can assess job candidates is through coding tests. Coding tests provide employers with a way to evaluate a person's technical skills without relying on a piece of paper. Candidates can be tested on their coding ability, problem-solving skills, and other technical skills. This allows employers to make an informed decision on who to hire based on demonstrated proficiency.

Another approach employers are using to assess job candidates is online portfolios. Online portfolios are a great way to showcase an individual's talents, achievements, and qualifications in a more visual way. They allow employers to gain a better understanding of a candidate's skills and abilities from the comfort of their own office. Plus, employers can easily share portfolios with other staff members, which makes the hiring process more efficient.

In the past, diplomas and certifications on paper were the only way to prove someone's competency. But in today's job market, employers are looking for more tangible evidence of a candidate's capabilities. By moving away from the traditional approach and towards a competency-based system, employers can get a better picture of a person's real skills and abilities. Coding tests and online portfolios are two great tools employers can use to assess job candidates more accurately.

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