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How to good at studying programming

Studying something new is not always easy for me, especially programming. The first time I went into my university, I have no idea about a thing that we call code, and I thought that university is a good way to help me master at coding and become a quality coder. But over two years studying programming, trust me the only person can help you good at coding is not university, lecturer or friends but yourself. I realized that the best study method that can help you become a high-quality coder is something that we call self-study. But self-study is not easy to have it since it took me 1 year to good at it. That why I decide to write this blog to help you start your self-study journey by specify 5 things that you must have to become a self-study master.

1. Specify a clear study roadmap

Knowing exactly what we have to learn is the best way to save tons of your time since you know that what are you studying for and know that we are in the right way. You can specify your own roadmap by searching Google, YouTube or just ask your expert. And trust me, make your study plan clearly is helping you become a passionate learner.

2. Start making your study schedule

Now have a clear understand at what we need to achieve our goal is good, but not enough because right now we need to have a clear self-study schedule. Doing this is a really good way to manage your time properly.

3. Choose a quality course, resource

Self-learning doesn't mean that we have to learn anything by your-self, you can self-study by joining an online course or watch a specific online tutorial. And YouTube is one of the best platforms to find such a high-quality online tutorial.

4. Always curious

During the self-study process, remember to always be curious because curious is just help us have a better understanding about it. Never hesitate to ask Google why we have to type this line of code like this but not like that.

5. Practice is the key.

I have seen many of my friends learning a lot but never practice, that why when they meet some practical case, they don't know how to utilize their knowledge into it. So, remember practice is the key, do not studying so much without applying them into any practical project.


That are 5 basic things you need to have if you want to be good at self-study.

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