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How to deploy a React project to a free web host server

In this article, we’ll learn how to deploy our ReactJS project to a free web host server which called Netlify.

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Drag and Drop the Build Folder in Netlify

The fastest and easy way to deploy a React application is just to drag and drop the builder folder in Netlify.

To create a builder folder, just execute one of two codes below from the command line from your project folder.

npm run build or yarn build

Once the build folder is created, you just need to drop the folder in the drop area under the sites menu

drag and drop

How to deploy an App to Netlify from a GitHub repository

This is my favorite way of deploying my React project to server since it super simple and convenience.

Every time you push any changes to GitHub repository, it will automatically be deployed to Netlify. Also, you can rollback your site if you wish.

If you already have a repository on GitHub, then all you need to do is just to connect it.

Login to your Netlify account, access the dashboard page and click on the New site from Git button.

netlify home

Click on the GitHub button and connect to your GitHub repository.

git provider

It will open a new tab, make sure the popup in enabled in your browser.

select repository

Search for the GitHub repository in the search box. Once you selected, you will see the following screen

deploy repository

All these configs are fine, you don’t need to change anything.

Now click on Deploy site button, once clicked you will see the Site deploy in progress message.

deploying process

You’ll have to wait a minute until the process done. Once deployed is completed, you will see the following screen

deployed app

Click the link and you will be surprised. Tada, we have done it 😜

deployed app

Awesome, now anytime you make any change to your repository, Netlify will automatically update your site according to your change, cool right.

Now the next section will be more excited.

How to change your site name in Netlify

At the moment, our domain quite ugly since it’s very hard to remember for anyone, especially when you have a lot of deployed projects. Luckily, Netlify provide us an easy way to solve this problem.

Click on the Site setting button displayed on the Site overview section.

site setting

The click on the change site name button and enter your new name. Save it and now you can access your site with that new changed name.

change site name

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