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Solidity programming language

If you read my last blog post. In this blog post I would like to make it clear how interested I am into Defi. I have been learning solidity programming language and discovering how this programming language works.
what I understand about it is that its contracts and that it's a object oriented language for implementing smart contracts. Smart contracts govern the state with the Ethereum.
The programming language is used heavily amongst smart contracts on Ethereum. It is heavily used with Defi and is worth learning if you are trying to get involved in this space. I started off just curious about Cryptocurrency, but once learning that I can build my own platform made me really want to learn about the programming language.
This space is still fairly knew, but if you get in now I think you will be exposed to something that is going to change how we save and store our money. Using the blockchain allows your funds to be decentralized and not under the control of the government. This means that you have more control of your funds and can gain more interest on the money that you are saving. The interest rates beats the standard bank system.
I am still learning, but I will keep you updated on my journey!

Happy coding!

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