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Problem Solving

I have been continuing to study data structures and have realized how important data structures are. When I first learnt about them I really did not understand the importance, but now as I have been diving deeper into problem solving I understand the significance.

Problem solving is challenging and it is not something that you start off good at, at least in my case. I believe that you get better as you practice each day. When you practice each day you will start to pick up on certain patterns and understand the problems a lot faster. I am still at the beginning stages with problem solving, but my goal right now is to practice one coding challenge each day, so that over time I will be great at various challenges.

I have gotten introduced to different platforms for practice such as Leetcode,Hackerrank and Codewars to name a few off the top of my head. They all provide away to practice daily. I really like the platform where you get a daily coding challenge and if you subscribe to the paid version you will receive the answer the following day. The platform that I am referring to is called daily coding challenges.

In order to have more tools in your tool belt to help solve various problems is where data structures come in. If you understand many of them it will allow you to look at a problem from different angles, to come up with a solution that you can use to save space and time, which are two important factors.

I am really enjoying learning about data structures and I can’t wait until I have a full tool kit in which I understand to solve difficult problems.

Happy coding!

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Sreekanth Settur

I am trying to get my hands stronger in problem solving. I am looking for a partner to for good kick start. Let me know if we can connect and dedicate few hours daily.

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Latricia Nickelberry Author

Yes, sure let me know!