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Block chain

Every since I learned about Cryptocurrency I have taken an interest in the technology. I started by learning how to buy and trade crypto. If you do not know what cryptocurrency is, it is digital currency.

Crypto is created on the block chain. Block chain can be defined as a system where crypto currency can be recorded and maintained like a ledger. The cool thing about the block chain is that it is not controlled by one entity, but is maintained by several computers that are linked by peer to peer network. The block chain is decentralized.

I think that this technology is very powerful and has opened up so many possibilities. This is a real cool place for developers to be in because right now there are so many cool things that can be created on the block chain.

The programming language that developers are using in the space is called solidity. The programming language is very similar to JavaScript. In solidity you create smart contracts and this is how solidity communicates with the block chain. Solidity is used on Ethereum.

I am still learning about how the block chain works. I am excited to see how this technology evolves.

Happy coding!

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