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A new cryptocurrency

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Hello my name is Trey Davis,

I see everything that is going on recently and in America we have only 21M people (that are known) who invest in cryptocurrency. I have done a ton of research, read many books, and have learned a lot about the economy. I would like to be a part of a team and create a new cryptocurrency that has not been done yet. If I am wrong and it has been done but is not popular please just let me know and I will become involved with it instead.

Some quick features of this cryptocurrency that I have not seen but would like to see exist:

1) A max. supply of 200B, 20 decimals. (example. 200,000,000,000.00000000000000000000), this will be important for micropayments.

2) whenever a wallet becomes inactive they will self destructed and the amount lost will be recirculated into the network via nodes, mining, and/or staking.

3) miners/nodes will be able to verify transactions based on the fees. for example youll be able to edit what our node prefers to verify based on fee. if youd like to only verify transactions with a fee of <1 then itll be as easy as typing that in. if you only want to verify transactions of 2< that will also be easy. or if as a gift to the network you want to scrape fees of 0 you can do that as well.

4) adaptive blocksizes. just like how the verifying transaction fees are editable, youll also be able to edit the block sizes. so instead of it being 1MB or so you can adjust yours to be able to accept anything between 1MB & 20MB. sending a bit of data first to see if the nodes can agree on an amount and then sending the block with whatever is agreed on. if it is incompatible and can not come to an agreement then it will go to the default 1MB

5) a simple built in messaging system to make it simple to communicate with the purchaser and the buyer utilizing the network already.

I am excited to hear your thoughts and if youre intrested in making becoming a team to make this happen, we can dive into the nitty gritty together.

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