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Sebastian Schürmanns
Sebastian Schürmanns

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How to engage people and find contributors for an open source project on github?

Yes, we all know that this is very hard, but maybe you have some tricks or strategies, or you have engaged in an open source project yourself and still remember, why?

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Ben Halpern • Edited

Something I'm not always great at myself: Be clear and concise about what your project is and how people can help. When possible tell a story of sorts about why this project should succeed.

It always helps to consistently find an audience and keep them in the loop. Of course, as you do any interesting work on the project you can post on and mention your call for contributors under the post.

Inspired by this post, I also made this post:

That'll get plenty of eyeballs. Use the above advice in your comment 🙂

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Sebastian Schürmanns

Great, thank you! If you make an weekly post, the I will work on the project description before I post it, just to make it more concise :)