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Discussion on: Goodbye Master, Hello...What?

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Well. I'm not saying "hate speech is tolerable" or "I should be able to say whatever to whomever".
I'm saying that I'm not happy about censorship anywhere.

In my opinion, a developer community platform, is not the right place to push a political agenda.

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Jason C. McDonald Author • Edited on

What you perceive as a "political agenda" is really an issue of interpersonal compassion and intercultural communication. You don't have the slightest idea what real censorship is. You're merely angry that you (or someone else) isn't being given free and unbridled voice after being warned this was not the place for the topic.

The issue of master matters deeply to some people of color, and therefore, it should matter to us. It's not political, it's personal to them. They've already been publicly criticized and flamed for feeling that way, and that's not okay.

It's your crowd that made this "political". If you feel it's so morally reprehensible to lend your shoulder to a wheel that means nothing to you, but a lot to someone else, then the best thing you can do is recognize that you cannot possibly contribute any value to this conversation, sit down, and let saner heads prevail. You are entirely in the wrong here.

But I am not bothering any further with this. I've only responded now in hopes that you can learn something. However, I have hidden your comment thread as well, as per my article's warning and consistent with this website's Code of Conduct. This is not the place. In case you have any further objections, just understand: I am exercising MY right to free speech when I put the brakes on unproductive debates in MY article comments. If you want to complain, find your own place for it. This spot doesn't belong to you.

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