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Migration - Module query with TypeORM version 0.3.x

Hi everyone!!

I like to use the library TypeORM •ᴗ••ᴗ••ᴗ••ᴗ•
As usual, When stating new project, i typically copy the database modules & config script migration from the old source. However, with TypeORM version 0.3.x, it doesn't seem to work. ¯_(ツ)/¯ ¯_(ツ)/¯ ¯_(ツ)_/¯
I have researched and felt confused while applying TypeORM to the project.

So, I want to share it with everyone.


New app with nestjs
Install yarn add mysql2 typeorm @nestjs/typeorm


Setup database module

├── src/
│   ├── database/
│   │   ├── migrations # This folder contains migrate file
│   │   ├── data-source-migration.ts # This file config run migration create, run, ...
│   │   └── database.module.ts # This file config query to database
│   └── app.module.ts
└── package.json
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Config package json file

"typeorm": "ts-node -r tsconfig-paths/register ./node_modules/typeorm/cli",
"migration:create": "yarn typeorm migration:create ./src/database/migrations/${name}",
"migration:create:window": "yarn typeorm migration:create ./src/database/migrations/%name%",
"migration:run": "yarn typeorm -- --dataSource=./src/database/data-source-migration.ts migration:run",
"migration:revert": "yarn typeorm -- --dataSource=./src/database/data-source-migration.ts migration:revert",
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File name format
This format would help you and the team quickly understand what someone has edited.
Please provide feedback on this format for me.

- Create: create-{table-name}-table
- Modify > 1: modify-{modify-name}-{table-name}-table
- Modify = 1: add-{field-name}-{table-name}-table
- Modify = 1: update-{field-name}-{table-name}-table
- Modify = 1: delete-{field-name}-{table-name}-table
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Short script

Create table post name=create-post-table yarn migration:create
Run migration yarn migration:run

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lucdticdvn profile image

I feel that this world is wonderful when there are people like you. I am so happy to read these heartfelt shares. Thank you.

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thank you @lucdticdvn