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"Backlogs make you feel guilty." – Jason Fried

Justin and Jon are joined by Jason Fried to talk about:

  • The philosophy behind their new book Shape Up.
  • Does Basecamp's approach to 6-week cycles differ for smaller teams?
  • "Long projects destroy morale. When things don't ship, you get frustrated." – Jason Fried
  • Why projects ship late (it's human nature).
  • Why work is like a hill.
  • How they make product decisions at Basecamp.
  • How do you know what you should work on next?
  • Why they don't believe in backlogs.
  • "That feeling of 'there's nothing to do, but there's everything to do' shouldn't be happening." – Jason Fried
  • "You need a system at some point. When you have two people, you can hack your way to anything. But as soon as you grow, you'll need a system." – Jason Fried
  • "What we have is not a perfect system. And even if it was, we don't execute these things perfectly." – Jason Fried

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