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How to Use the Nord Colour Scheme in Windows Terminal

This is my first post on DEV, I think, and it's a very brief one.

Nord is a popular colour scheme among developers due to its simplicity and darkness - and you can use it in Windows Terminal thanks to Nigel Sampson. However, his post only gives you the declarations for the scheme, and doesn't tell you how to use it. So here's how to use it!

Windows Terminal Settings

Windows Terminal settings are written in JSON. It can be annoying to figure out where to put things. (Visual Studio Code Intellisense gives you suggestions and autocomplete)

So, how do you use Nord in the Terminal? Simple:

Colour Schemes

Alt Text

Around Line 53, you should see an empty array called schemes. Copy-and-paste the object from Nigel's site, including the brackets ({...}), inside this array.

Activating a Default Colour Scheme

Now you've added the colour scheme, you need to set it as the default. This is very easy to do. Around Line 27, there's an object called profiles - simply add the following to the defaults object: "colorScheme": "nord".

The Final Step

Save the file, and Windows Terminal will update automatically! Ta-da!

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