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When things go wrong

How does your team respond when things go wrong? Primarily I am asking about software development teams but I suppose it is equally applicable to other project-orientated teams.

So, I ask again, what happens when things don't go to plan?

Do they start blaming others? Not good but at least they have banded together.

Do they try to ignore the problem altogether?

Do they start blaming each other? Signs of a potentially toxic team.

The responsible empowered team will embrace the problem, investigate the cause (without recriminations) and find a solution.

But this behaviour does not come about overnight. It starts with one courageous soul asking for help and the team responding in kind. From then on less courage is required because the team acts as its own support blanket, helping each other.

This builds team confidence and individual professional integrity.

I am interested in what others think so please provide your thoughts in the comment block below.

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