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There are amazing resources that are available for codenewbies to learn and develop their skills. But I would like to share some github repos that you can add too get more resources in your coding journey.

Html resources 🔥

  • Awesome Html5 resources - This a github repo created to put all the Html5 resources you would need. You will get to learn about accessibility, Semantics, DOM Management, Progressive web apps, Html books and more.

  • Html list resources - This repo has awesome html resources where you can also get links to helpful Html5 books.

  • Html and Css - The repository has amazing resources on html & css. You can learn things like HTML semantics and front-end architecture, Create a Contact Form in HTML5, What is HTML5 Capable of, Features, and Resources and more resources.

  • Html5 resources - If you want to learn or get started with Html and css, this repo will be helpful. It has resources that will help you improve your skills on the basics.

CSS resources 👩‍💻

  • Design resources for developers - This is a great github repo to get all the resources you need to make your website look good. A collection of sites that you can get colors, fonts,UI graphics, icons, React UI, Vue UI and more.

  • Html and Css - The repository has amazing resources on css but also on html too. The repo has resources like What the Heck Is CSS Specificity? , CSS Architectures: New Best Practices, The worst Css practices, CSS techniques you couldn't live without and more.

  • Html5 resources - As I mentioned above. It has great resources for Html5 but you can learn sass, flexbox, grid and more.

  • Awesome CSS learning - Have a look at CSS resources to help you in your coding journey. Get to know all about animations, CSS variables, layout, CSS unit and more.

  • Awesome Tailwind Css - Get to learn view and use amazing Tailwind Css resources, tools, IDE extensions, Templates, Themes and more.

  • Awesome CSS Grid - Learn about Css grid and how you can improve with amazing free resources.

Javascript repos 😎

  • Awesome JS - With this repo you can get resources and tutorials for Javascript frameworks like Node Js, Angular Js, React Js and also vanilla Javascript resources.

  • Awesome Javascript - Get to know about Templating Engines, Data Visualization, Reactive Programming, RegExp, Api and more.

  • Awesome Javascript Learning - This repo has a list of only Javascript resources that includes: free Js ebooks, blogs, videos, DOM related resources, Node Js resources and more.

  • Node JS resources - Get more Node Js resources from Command-line utilities, Build tools, Templating, Control flow, Network, Data validation, Tutorials and more.

  • Javascript Stuff - This repo has an amazing resources for react resources with a website to easily get them in one place. You can get react starter projects, static site generators, react tutorials, developer tools and more.

All in one repos 🐱‍👤

These are repos that have various resources for multiple programming languages.

  • Front-end checklist - This repository has is a checklist for steps you should take before you launch your website. It includes resources to check your website performance, accessibility, SEO and more.

  • Front-end resources - This amazing repo has amazing css resources, platforms to learning code, youtube channels you should follow, blogs to follow and VsCode extension to install to make you life easier.

  • Algo Wiki - This is like a wikipedia repo for nearly all programming languages such as c++, python, Javascript, Rust, PHP, Java and more. You can also get algorithms, machine learning, competitive programming, and more.

  • Awesome Awesomeness - Get resources for all programming languages and get to know about vim, Linux resources, style-guides, Serverless Security, Internet of Things (IoT), DevOps, Design Patterns and more. The list is endless, go check out the repo.

  • List - A great repository for learning web development on a deeper level. It has a wide list of resources of front-end developer interviews, companies you can easily apply to, BEM resources, ES6 learning resources, Blockchain & cryptocurrency resources, and more.

  • Free for devs - You will get amazing resources to help you build websites from the ground up. Examples: Tools for Teams and Collaboration, CI and CD, Testing, Security and PKI, Management System, and more.

  • Awesome Learning Resources - If you want to get resources on Twilio, TensorFlow, TypeScript, Machine learning, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and more. This repository will help you.


Thank you for reading this far. I hope the above resources help you and others who are starting their coding journey. Share to help other code newbies out.
Plus I will be adding more as I go by. If you have other GitHub Repos that have coding resources, you can write them in the comments section. 🌟💯

I created a github repo for this list of resources, you can create a pull request to add more repositories.

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