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Discussion on: 🤔 How should I build my Frontend for a huge project?

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tq-bit • Edited on

I could not check your whole site (login and signup still seems to be disabled), but I see a lot of people suggesting SSR.

While it's generally a good idea, you might want to consider using a headless approach for your services. Since your target audience seems to be public institutions, it might be a good idea to provide each of them with a common interface.

On top of that, you can use pretty much anything you're comfortable with. I personally favor Vue, it felt easier to learn than React and follows good HTML / CSS / JS practices. And Nuxt, a Vue framework, comes with a lot of built-in development features, such as an HTTP client (axios), state management (vuex) and routing (vue-router). Since version 2.15.0, it can be used with Vite dev server support, so that might be a plus as well.

If you want to shoot for the stars, your project could make some good use use of JAMStack practices. There are some mature tools to help you with development and, if necessary, scaling.

All (bigger) frameworks have support for Static Site Generation by now, like React has Next.js or Gatsby, while Vue brings in Nuxt.js or Gridsome

You can then use CDNs by Vercel, Netlify or Digital Ocean Apps to serve your static content.