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Discussion on: Reverse switch?

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tq-bit • Edited on

I personally don't use (or like) switch, it makes code hard to read. And I believe there are cases in which if - else is the only viable option, but given the choice, I'd always favor single if() - clauses that return a value if the expression is met. It's like using switch, with the default statement at the bottom of the function bound to no other if-clause. When I get back to the code after a few weeks, I'm usually glad I did it this way.

Very simple pseudocode sample for simple http - server

try {
  const { clientId } = req.params;

  const found = await Client.findOne({ clientId });
  const hasAccess = await Auth.findOne({clientId});

  if (!found) {
    return res.status(404).send(itemNotFound);

  if(!hasAccess) {
    return res.status(401).send(userNotAuthorized);

  await Client.deleteOne({ clientId });
} catch (e) {
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