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Discussion on: Must have Themes and Extensions for every Developers - Visual studio code setup

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You wrote some well curated articles. I don't get how I lived without the bracket pair colorizer from your other collection till now.

There's a few additions I'd like to share here.

  • For the JS users who like the code runner: There's a plugin called Quokka that does about the same thing - it's a scratchpad for JS code.

  • Night Owl is cool, but have you tried New Moon syntax? I'm trying to substitute it with another theme for almost a year but just can't keep my hands away.

  • And what also brought a lot of joy was Fira Code (that font that permits the usage of ligatures,e.g. => as an actual arrow, and stuff). Can be found here (,

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lary mak Author

Will check the mentioned out for sure, more the Fira code and Quokka.