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Touhidul Shawan
Touhidul Shawan

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Need feedback

I need feedback from the developer. How`s my personal portfolio look like? Please give me any suggestion if you want to give

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Ciaran Concannon • Edited

I really like it! Super clean, the reviews are a great addition.

The one thing I would 100% alter would be the contrast on the text in light mode, I think especially because most profiles typically scroll down to see the rest of the content, I wasn't initially sure where I should go to see your actual work as the navbar links are so faint against the white background.

It's fine in dark mode, but right now your light-mode navbar links are only coming up at only 2.26:1 contrast so I'd bring that up to the standard of 4.5:1 and it would be perfect!

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Touhidul Shawan

Thank you for your suggestion. I will fix the issue.