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Touhidul Shawan
Touhidul Shawan

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My journey in Hacktoberfest


Hi, My name is Touhiudl Shawan. I am a self-taught Web Developer. Currently, I am a front-end developer but also have the interest to learn backend development. I build UI components using modern front-end technology like React. Already, I have worked as a freelancer on Fiverr. I have become a one-level seller on Fiverr. Also, I am a Computer Science and Engineering Student.


I am new to the open-source community. As being a student of Computer Science I have already joined some online and offline Programming contest. In a contest, I have become 20th around 400 contestants. I have solved many Programming challenges in an online platform like urionlinejudge. I am developing and working as a front-end web developer for 3 years. I already have worked as a freelancer in Fiverr and become a one-level-seller. I am continuously learning front-end development every day. This is my Story.


In the #hacktoberfest challenge this year I already have completed my four successful pull requests. That means I have already contributed a very little amount of contribution to the open-source community


Submit an Interactive Quiz App build with React

Interactive Quiz App

Submit a desktop Application called Blood Donor Management developed with Java

Blood Management

Submit a system that showed statistics report about covid19 written in python

Coror Statistics Shower

This is repo just want my some information so I just submit some info about myself in here

Some Info


It was my first hactoberfest. So I tried to do some contribution to the open-source community. It helps me to understand how I should work on an open-source project. I hope next time I will contribute a more valuable contribution to open source projects.

Thanks, Everyone
#Happy Coding 🙂 #hacktoberfest

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