AWS Tutorial: Create An AWS Instance Scheduler With Terraform

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Terraform is a popular IaaS tool used by many to create, update, and maintain their AWS architecture. If you use Terraform to provision your AWS architecture, you won’t be disappointed with our new AWS tutorial video.

We provide you with the means to set up your own instance scheduler from Terraform. You are given the necessary scripts to work this magic in the video. And if you are someone who is unfamiliar with Terraform entirely but still interested in learning this method, I suggest you first check out the HashiCorp Documentation for getting started with Terraform to get yourselves up to speed.

This video is a sequel to our previous video which explains in-depth, how to set up an AWS instance scheduler from the CloudFormation console. I recommend checking it out first as the details of it won’t be revisited in this part 2.

The tutorial is short and straight to the point, all you have to do is deploy the script we use and connect your AWS account with Terraform. Instance Schedulers are a great way to maintain the operation of your instances and to save your cloud costs by huge amounts. With Terraform being the main management console for many users, an instance scheduler would come in handy in your cloud management. There are very few tutorials, either as videos or articles, showcasing this feature. I hope this serves as a great way to further your cloud management goals.

You can find the video here.


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