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Tale of AWS Security Specialty Exam and Nature's Call !!!!

Yesterday I appeared for the AWS Security Specialty Exam and I was able to clear it !!!

Sounds boring, yes it does !!! but there is an interesting story to this success.

2-3 years back when I completed the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam I was fascinated to learn more about the Security aspect of the Cloud and inculcate it in my daily work. But I could not focus on my study for the AWS Security Specialty and appear for the exam. Meanwhile, in between, I did complete all the associate and AWS Solution architect Professional exams and was happy about it.

Finally, I made up my mind to either give AWS Security Specialty or the AWS DevOps Professional exam. but could not pay much attention to studying and give dedicate time for study.

Suddenly one month back I realized, I have a free AWS Specialty Exam Voucher which is unused(thanks to the benefit of the AWS Community Builder Program benefit). Check out more about AWS Community Builder program here

I started focusing on Studying AWS Security Specialty Exam and registered for the exam with 15 days of preparation time. Thanks to my friend Ameya for helping with Udemy and I started going through Zeal Vora course on Udemy and also did checked Chandra Lingam Udemy Course .

Still, I was not able to devote time due to family commitments and work, need to reschedule the exam twice finally with no option to reschedule I appeared for the exam on the last day of the Exam voucher Expiration i.e 31st Jan 2023.

Generally, I schedule my exam early morning at 4:30 AM or 5 AM, as my 2 little princesses can become very curious about what baba is doing closed doors and have high chances to bump in surprisingly.

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Finally, the day arrived and with no up-to-mark preparation I appeared for the exam, I kept a good pace to solve the question and flag where I was not sure of the exact answer. In between, the pressure of the morning chores was building, and could not resist taking a bio break, I asked the moderator for it but I could not chat with him and there was only one-way communication on the audio call. The Moderator was also giving a very vague reply and was not giving a definitive Yes or No.

At last , I could not hold and go off the laptop screen by informing the moderator to attain nature's call . The Moderator as observed in the previous chat did not respond to my request. Before going I did complete all 65 Questions and was having almost 30 min at hand to review the flagged question.

I returned after 5 min and saw another message on chat for a new moderator asking why I left the screen, I responded by saying, I did try to inform but no one replied. and I started reviewing my flagged question. As I reviewed a couple of questions, the moderator send me msg saying I violated the norm of the exam and he will revoke the exam and he did that without wasting any time.

I was furious and thought of following up with Pearson or challenging the revocation of the exam. I could not do that on exam day and today when I started to study again, I saw an email from Credly with msg about my AWS Security Specialty badge. I was elated to know, I cleared the exam and was surprised as well since I thought the revocation of the exam means they will not even evaluate my exam, but they did and I was able to clear the exam.

Few learning from this incident

1) Have Discipline in your study and preparation

2) Read all the terms and conditions of the exam, even if it's 4-5 pages of lengthy legal stuff

3) Nature is super powerful, respect it :-)

4) keep up-skilling, it's a never ending journey.

And a quick guide on resources used

1) Zeal Vora Udemy Cource ---
2) Chandra Lingam --
3) Exam Readiness Digital Course by AWS ----:
4) AWS Official Practice test : --

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