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Discussion on: React vs Vue: Which JavaScript Framework to Choose for Your Project

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Tosemar Urtica da Arnica • Edited on

What bad article. First of all the comparative table is wrong. By default Vue doesn't use JSX. And what is the so called "rich package system" which Vue had?
I have a few years of experience developing Vue apps and I have never seen this.
Besides that Vue and React do the same thing. They are different tools to solve the same problem. Which one is better? Doesn't matter. Both are good.
You only have to do this choice if some of them doesn't fits your needs.

I recently changed my projects from nuxtjs to nextjs due the fact the Vue was not supplying my needs for a certain projects. If you need is Typescript choose React, because Vue doesn't fits well with Typescript.

If all you need is a full stack app including being able to use the same codebase on Android and iOS, choose React.

But it doesn't matter at all.

Before, used to be a place where people used to share good articles and great content. But lately (about 1 year) what we only see here is articles about JavaScript and all of them are really poor in terms of quality.

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Codica Author

Hi Tosemar, thanks for your opinion!

You're right, both React and Vue serve the same purpose, and they both are good. However beginners always look for advice when choosing a tool, and basically that's the purpose of this article. By the way, we work with both React and Vue.

That's right, there have been a few mistakes in the content, but should be corrected now.

This short article is an overview of the full article on our website, which we cannot republish here because then the content will be plagiarized. Maybe because it doesn't give all the details, you might have an impression of a poor quality. Sorry about that!

Thanks again for taking your time reading and commenting on our article!