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Why Mobile Apps?

Toqeer Abbas
Front-end Developer | Self-teaching web development/design, using online resources - Js, ReactJS
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Here are some reasons that's why I prefer mobile apps.
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  1. Mobile Apps are faster
  2. Instant Online and Offline access
  3. Push Notifications and instant updates
  4. Branding and Design Your Mobile Application becomes your Brand Ambassador.
  5. Productivity Improvement and Cost reduction

  6. Increased SEO potential for your website

  7. Compatibility – Mobile Apps are Compatible Across Devices

  8. Upgradability – Mobile Apps Can Be Updated Instantly

  9. Findability – Mobile Apps Can be Found Easily.

  10. Easier Communication

  11. Regular Usage

  12. Interactivity

->Using device features

Furthermore, there is a handful of additional smartphone features that give apps an edge.
Websites are quite limited when it comes to bringing multimedia to users.
They cannot utilize device’s native functions such as camera, contact list, phone calls, compass, GPS, etc.

Discussion (2)

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Vitaly Rtishchev

you've just described a modern PWA, you can do almost all these things on the web platform nowadays

toqeer__abbas profile image
Toqeer Abbas Author

Exactly... but i think mobile apps are easy to use as compare web App on browser...
because we can use same technology for develop like react , vue for mobile app