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Tough Decision!

Toqeer Abbas
Front-end Developer | Self-teaching web development/design, using online resources - Js, ReactJS
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Sometime's we need to make some big decisions like when you want to do some extra like some more work in life.
That's time when everyone against you like your mentor, friends no one can understand your situation.

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Life shows ambiguity like nothing is clear. but that's time you should be clear about yourself. if you are clear no one can beat you, just clear yourself when you start some new.

your clarity is matter even all peoples, friends against you but if you are clear to achieve something new then you can do what you want.

I know this post is not related to development but i want to share my experience with the decision. In starting I am confused, my situation like ambiguous bcoz I left my job and I want to break of six months to learn something new and then apply it for work. everyone thinks I am a fool because no one left her job for learning .peoples struggle for the job but I think if you are a good developer, good learner then the job will find you automatically.

Thanks for reading.

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