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3 . Visual Element Shapes

Toqeer Abbas
Front-end Developer | Self-teaching web development/design, using online resources - Js, ReactJS
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There are three types of SHAPES

  1. Geometric
  2. Organic
  3. Negative

*1. Geometric Shapes :~ *
are those which are made by joining the lines like
Rectangle, Triangle, Hexagon, Polygons, Circles etc
Alt Text

*2. Organic Shape:~ *
are those Which has no difened bounderies and close to NATURE.
Leaf, Tree, etc
Alt Text

*3 .Negative Space:~ *
are those which appears When we create a shape and it give rise to another shape after completion. This space would be called a Negative Space. For example : Peter and the wolf, Jungle and cities, Plate and Trees, Cocal Cola and Slipper etc .
Alt Text

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