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Google Meet and Nearby Sharing in the Google Play Store

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Google Meet brings new safety and engagement features for educators, students

With quite a few colleges opting for virtual or hybrid training in place of face-to-face ones, tools and capabilities for the apps and services that they use are quite essential. Google Meet on the app store Google Play is now bringing new safety and engagement features for educators, college students, or any one that’s using their video conferencing app for instructional purposes right now. The need for safe and high security app to protect the privacy of its users has never been greater and the requirements for an Android app developer who can meet these demands has also grown stronger.

They’re additionally strengthening their connection with Google Classroom which teachers use to help control their training. As we’re seeing virtual classrooms to preserve for a while, those are crucial tools to have.

Two students using a mobile app for Google Meet

Google Meet already has numerous equipment launched to ensure the protection and protection of video meetings on their platform however they’re adding some new gear especially for educators. Teachers will soon have the choice to quit the assembly on a selected name so college students cannot be live after the teacher has left. They'll also get the option to mute all of the students on the identical time and also manage when students can unmute themselves. Teachers can even quickly be capable of set breakout rooms in advance in their lessons via google calendar.

Instructors who’re the use of meet on smart phones may even quickly get key moderation controls like who can be a part of meetings or who can use the chat or share their screen. New settings will also be released within the admin console so faculties can set regulations approximately who can be part of video colleges or students from different faculties can be part of, etc. The google meet audit log will even get new tools so admins can analyze how the platform is used.

The Play store is full of well-developed apps that support this feature. Look in the education category for a full list of available apps.

The Google Play store app choices is plentiful

As for capabilities for college students, college students will soon be capable of interact and express themselves with emojis. No longer is there only one skin color to choose from. Now there are skin colors on both Android and iOS platforms where you can choose which color represents them best. Teachers and admins can manage whilst emojis can or can’t be used. Meet may also quickly be able to paintings better regardless of low bandwidth connections as now not all isps are at the same level of quality. Soon instructors may also be able to get hold of meeting transcripts if you want to share with students who ignored classes for one purpose or some other.

Also to be announced soon is Google Meet working better with Google Classroom. While meetings are generated from a study room, students can’t access the meeting until the teacher allows them to. That means that Google Meet may also be capable of see who’s at the school room roster so best students and instructors can be a part of in at the digital meeting. The instructors which can are in the study room are mechanically the meeting host so it’s better controlled if there are multiple instructors. These upgrades are all going to be introduced within the next few weeks.

Play Store now allows sharing of apps, updates with nearby phones

If there’s a feature many Android users have been missing, it’s Nearby Sharing. It's available now, and we can expect more changes to be announced. We haven't mentioned it since mid-2020 when Near Sharing disappeared from a number of devices. Then it reappeared for a more people.

This happened a few weeks after the feature became available in beta status for selected Android devices worldwide. Our prediction was that non-Pixel phones from Google would be getting Nearby Sharing too and it looks like we were right.

You can now share apps and updates with nearby devices running on Android or Chrome on the Google Play Store. With that kind of functionality, you can now share the information between devices. Google has not released an official statement stating when this is out for public release, but it has been available from V.24.
If you are ready to try it out, you can go into the Google Play Store and download it.

Here’s how you do it:

Go to the Play Store app, choose the 3-line menu in the top corner and click on My Apps & Games.

You’ll see several tabs on top to choose from. Select Share and you have enabled the ability to share apps and updates. Now you can Send or Receive a Google Play Store app from any device you want to.

Do notice, this feature of nearby sharing will only be activated after an update. In order for it to work, you will also need to give the Play Store access to your location.

How Google Play Store Sharing Works

There may be applications that are too large. These paid or side-loaded apps cannot be shared. Applications that are not publicly available also cannot be shared in the Play Store application.
A pairing request with a pairing code is displayed. The transfer fee is that simple. This depends on the connection. To complete the process, press "Disconnect".

Android device with app choices

You may wonder what the point is of Nearby Sharing or the update on Google Play store if you can download apps by yourself. One major advantage is that you can save data on your mobile phone’s data plan.

Besides it just goes to show that if you don't have someone developing your app for the Google Play Store, you may not be able to use the features to their full potential.

It's also a cool and fun way to show your friends what apps you like to use or what games you have been playing lately.

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