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Hello world!

I've been planning on writing this for ... awhile.

There's a lot of advice around regarding getting into tech suggesting blogging and building your own website. I'm working on the latter.
On the former, I'm finally following the part of the advice that says "just start writing" and "use other services rather than building a blog yourself". So here we are.

I've been teaching myself python for a few years now on the side, recently transitioned (back) to a stay at home dad with another newborn, so my time is limited, but my goal is to get into a paid tech role in the next year or so.

In the shorter term, I plan to:

  • Have my embryonic personal site hosted on pythonanywhere. βœ“
  • Implement recaptcha on my contact form.
  • Delegate contact form submissions to async functions. or/and celery, implement rate limiting.
  • Link to this blog from my website. βœ“
  • Add social/github links to site.
  • Manage posts here from github
  • Migrate to hosting at Heroku, AWS, Digital Ocean, or similar.

My intention is to write about these things. Not that there's not great posts about them already around, but maybe my perspective can help someone.
I will likely also heavily edit this post. But that's the fun of being a picky writer and maintaining a blog.

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Gabor Szabo

Yes, keep describing how you accomplish all the above. Not only can those posts help others, but when you write down your thoughts or processes that often helps clarifying them.

Good luck with both your blogging and with your coding.

toonarmycaptain profile image

Cheers, I've long used writing to flesh out my thoughts, and recently got in the habit of recording coding concepts that I learned/recipes for myself to refer back on, hopefully they will be helpful to others.

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Adam Crockett

Do it, good advice by the way, it's going to be a really positive part of your life blogging is a great release and way to get feedback in long held ideas.

toonarmycaptain profile image

Cheers, I've enjoyed writing for a long time. Feedback is excellent too!