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We recorded 15-min shorts on improving presentation skills for developers

My job required me to prepare and perform technical talks at developer events online and offline for the last 11 years. I wanted to share the knowledge an experience around this topic and together with peers recorded a series of 15-20-minute videos about public speaking for programmers.

We feel the public speaking topic is even more important today, now that most events are global. You can do a talk at an event that used to happen in New York or Tokyo or Paris from your bedroom pretty much. And you probably should!

Our videos cover topics like:

  • How do you present yourself as a speaker
  • How do you apply to events, what to think about
  • How do you craft your speaker bio
  • How do you do technical live demos
  • How do you know what you're good enough to speak about

Our YouTube channel also features videos about technical leadership and developer relations, but this is the playlist dedicated to presentation skills for devs.

On Wednesday we're recording the last videos in the series until autumn

I am especially excited about our recording session on Wednesday, July 8th, because of the speaker setup:

  • A teenager from Eastern Europe will give tips about talking to teens about tech
  • A programmer from Africa will explain how developer conferences work in that region
  • Oracle's director of developer marketing will share his experience about storytelling for developers

We will livestream these talks to our YouTube and will add them to the playlist next week. But if you'd like to join the panel discussion in a voice chat or talk to the speakers in our Discord community - you're welcome to register on Eventbrite.

We'll continue recording in Autumn

After a short break we'll start the Season 2 with talks around technical leadership, developer relations, developer community management and presenting to programmers.

And you're welcome to apply as a speaker or as a supporter, sponsor, partner...

We have an ambition of having our speakers as diverse as possible, since we believe that new voices bring new and important experience.

Our world is global now

Really, think about it - our Wednesday event is a testimonial to my claim about the world being global and diverse: a teen from Eastern Europe, a developer from Africa and a director from a high profile US company are happy to speak on equals at the same event.

This post is here to inspire

I and we really hope that this short message has inspired you to remember some of the awesome blogposts that you have posted on DEV and submit them as talks, become a speaker, find new audience, get new contacts and open up a new world of developer conferences and meetups globally that perhaps were out of options for you because of logistics or costs.

Also, I am here in the comments below, ready to reply to your questions, ideas or comments around developer relations, technical presenting or online meetups.

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