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Search Engine VS Web Browser

Have you ever spent a day without opening Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox?Have you ever searched about some ambiguous stuff without tapping the google icon?If yes then you are not the part of this magical world and have never felt the wonderful feeling by getting hundreds of results appear at a blink of an eye on just 1 click and all this happens with the smartest inventions of Search Engines & Web browsers.These two are not only helpful for us but also necessary for each other.

But do you really know the exact difference between the two?If not,then you really don't need to worry because this blog will answer all your queries and after that, you'll enjoy using them.

A Search Engine is actually a web service or a web based tool that helps you to open other web pages offered by various web servers of your choice.But that is the exact thing a web browser does!Well it is not.A Web browser is a local machine installed on your computer that gives you access to different websites and web pages whereas a search engine looks for a particular stuff to your requested query,goes through a priority algorithm to locate the best and relevant results with the available documents or text on the internet and ends up by displaying them in front of you.Both are software programs but you can never approach to a search engine and to the internet without a web browser.

Google,Bing,DuckDuckGo & Yahoo are the common examples of search engines where Google being the most popular,covers 90% of the market share globally.

Most of the web browsers use Google as their default search engine due to its best search results(SERPs),excellent and quick service.Here is the list of top 5 Web browsers & their market shares. (February 2020)

Top 5 Web browsers

Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer
Google Chrome or Chromium
Apple Safari
Mozilla Firefox
Opera Browser


So,in spite of just googling entertainment news,shopping trends and research materials,make yourself well aware of what it actually is!

After reading this blog, we can draw a clear line between the two and should realize how they have become an active part of our everyday life.I'll come with some more interesting facts and inspirational personalities.Until then stay connected!

Have a Good Day :)

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