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100 Days of Code ~ Day 7

Tony Greeley
Recent graduate of the Full Stack coding bootcamp at Northwestern University in Chicago. Am definitely better at back-end than front-end as I’m more logic driven than visual and creative.
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Moving out of my place was more work than originally planned/intended so needed to put the challenge on pause, so am picking up right where I left off.

Completed activity 8 of JavaScript30 in which learn about the HTML canvas element and make a page where you draw on the screen with a brush that dynamically changes color and shape, which was pretty cool.

To wrap things up, the last time I was working on the Udemy course on TDD with React, I still had a couple of tests failing, and had to hunt to find the errors causing so, and as always, when the answer is hard to find, its a dumb syntactical error, which I was just discussing with a student in the bootcamp I TA for the other day, lol.

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