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As a primarily .NET developer, I live within Visual Studio 2015 all day. Upgrading to 2017 this month, however. Work pays for the MSDN licensing.

For all other files, I use Sublime, basically because of inertia. I don't do anything special, but I love the packages. I played around with Atom, but it was way too slow back when I used it.


Any thoughts about using Visual Studio Code for your "all other files" work? I'm not at all familiar with that ecosystem, but it kind of seems like VS Code is trying to be there for the kind of work you do with Sublime.


I'm not against VS Code. I tried it in the past and it didn't do anything that Sublime couldn't, so it's a hard shift for me. I think I'm up for a Sublime/Atom/Viscose face off in the new year. Stay tuned!

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