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An API Boilerplate to create a ready-to-use REST API in seconds with NestJS 7.x (Passport Auth JWT System, Typeorm)😻

Hi! My name Tony, I'm Full Stack Software Developer - Open Source enthusiast, TS enthusiast, passionate about NestJS and Angular
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In recent months I have used many javascript and typescript frameworks including Vue, Angular and React for the frontend while for the server side I was looking for a framework written in typescript for the backend at the time I only knew express js as it was very simple to learn, but I was looking for something different that allowed me to use typescript more efficiently, doing a little research I discovered NestJS and it was love ♥️ 😻at first sight! Let me explain things Nestjs, A progressive Node.js framework for creating efficient, reliable and scalable server-side applications.

Since I really like to develop API REST, create authentication systems with JWT, Basic Auth or OAuth2, I created a boilerplate with Nestjs from which you have a great base to start developing your APIs in a short time, as an authentication system I used JWT with the use of TypeORM a very powerful ORM to model your database.

This is the link to my repository NestJSApiBoilerplateJWT

Hopefully it can be useful both for those who know nestjs and for those who have never used it. 😀 For anything write me in the comments😉

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