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EV Routing on Twitch Recap!

On Tuesday, we were live on Twitch coding an EV Routing example! You can watch the recap here on our TomTomDevs Twitch. Hit follow so you can be notified when we go live!

For those who don't know me, I'm a Dev Advocate at TomTom, along with my colleague Jose! Every other Tuesday at 11am PST, we build all things Geospatial using TomTom Maps APIs, so you can learn more about coding with maps.

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What we covered!

We started off talking about electric vehicles and the different aspects we need to route them -- battery level, car weight, the battery's max capacity, the route itself, and probably some resources on finding charging stations.

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After selecting our luxury example EV, an Audi e-tron, we created a variable storing things like the car's current charge level.

We showed a way to calculate reachable range on click for any given point, using a polygon which adheres to actual roads at the extension of your current battery life.

Next, we showed a way to search and add waypoints and calculate a route, and added functionality to show charge points along the way by creating a search for charging stations that are no more than a few minutes out of the way for our existing road trip.

Check out our stream to learn more!

Catch us next time!

We'll be talking about working with the Notifications API on October 20th!

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