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August Content Roundup: Mapping Tutorials and More

August was packed with tutorials to help you build. Read this post to check out the blogs, YouTube videos, Twitch devisodes, and events from TomTom Developers during the month of August, and hopefully get inspired to start a new project or learn something new!


In this month’s set of blogs, learn how to create some interesting projects by integrating the TomTom Maps SDK for Web with other frameworks or APIs, like ASP.NET Core or Strava, learn how to manipulate and style your map layers beyond the basics, and discover how to track objects with the Location History and Geofencing APIs.

Using TomTom Maps SDK for Web with ASP.NET Core, Part 1

It's easy to integrate the TomTom Maps SDK for Web into web apps built on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — including popular JavaScript frameworks like Angular. But did you know you can also put it to work with a C# framework like ASP.NET Core? We'll show you how in part one of this two-part series.

Using TomTom Maps SDK for Web with ASP.NET Core, Part 2

In our previous article, we built the basic application. In this installment we add some more sophisticated features.

Putting the TomTom Location History and Geofencing APIs to Work

The TomTom Location History API provides a one-stop service for tracking objects over time. Combined with the Geofencing API, you can create sophisticated applications that turn location data points into actionable fleet intelligence. Learn how these APIs work together in this article.

Manipulating and Styling Map Layers Beyond the Basics

Layers in a map are totally open to manipulation. In this article, we take a look at the mechanics of layers and how you can use features of the TomTom Maps SDKs and Map Display API to manipulate layers, add and remove layers, toggle layer visibility, and create custom styling for layers, so you can quickly adapt TomTom maps to the needs of your application.

Fitness Mapping with the Strava API and TomTom Maps

Fitness apps for runners, bikers, and hikers can collect useful information, including location data. In this example we'll take route data from Strava and plot it on a web page with TomTom Maps SDK for Web.

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YouTube Videos

Three new video tutorials were added to the TomTom Developers YouTube channel. This month’s content ranges from learning how to migrate from Google to setting up an account and displaying details on a map, including POI details, photos, traffic incidents, and traffic flow.

Migrate from Google

In this video, learn how to get a free API key, set up TomTom Maps SDK for Web, display a map, add a traffic layer and a marker, and display a route. The tutorial begins with the basic environment setup along with use cases accompanied by code examples.

Add POI Details and Photos to your Maps with the Search API

Learn how to add POI details and photos to your maps with the TomTom Search API to create powerful search offerings within your applications. TomTom works with many global and local companies to grow our POI coverage, quality, and reliability.

How to Display Traffic Incidents and Traffic Flow Using the Traffic API

In this Hints and Tips video find out how to display traffic incidents and traffic flow on a map using the TomTom Traffic API. Learn how to add these to your applications and the different APIs TomTom offers for various use cases, such as the Traffic Incidents API and the Traffic Layers API.

Twitch Devisodes

Our developer advocates Olivia Vahsen and Jose Jose Rojas held two devisodes on the TomTom Developers Twitch channel:

Introduction to the TomTom Map Styler

Season 2 Devisode 6 covered an introduction to the TomTom Map Styler. Learn how to change colors and layers and create custom maps themes for your apps. The full recording of the livestream can be found here.

Asset Tracking with Objects

Season 2 Devisode 7 was a continuation of last season's stream on geofencing. Watch Jose and Olivia tackle more advanced object tracking, and show position alerts.

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Australia's leaders in ITS Mobility and Mobility as a sevice (MaaS) brought together experts from industry, government and academia to learn and share ideas about the impact of COVID-19 on the mobility industry and communities. Transportation, freight and logistics, and the transport and technology sector widely have been both massively impacted and deliver essential services. This conference explored how organizations and individuals are adapting and learning through this crisis.

Our Mobility and On-Demand Product Marketing Manager Dosanna Wu gave a talk on using location technology to improve the last mile delivery. You can find the recording here.

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Stay tuned for our next blog, which will recap events from September, and make sure to connect with us!

Happy mapping!

I'm Ruanna, a content writer for TomTom Developers. Check out our Developer Portal for more articles, tutorials, code samples, toolkits, and more!

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