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Read enough about the history of technology and you’ll run into the story of something being invented for one specific thing that morphs into something else when people figure out it can sorta-kinda do something else that people really want to do. Before it’s all over it’s not unusual for people to forget the original function. The notion of the float was originally limited to flowing text around images and other replaced items. It was only ever supposed to be a a one-trick pony. That they ever got used for anything else was a hack. And I mean that without being pejorative about it. Being old as dirt, I remember the frustration folks coming from print had with layout on the web. Remember that the impetus for HTML 1 (though it never had a number) was for the rapid exchange of scientific papers. Absent the float’s ability to kinda-sorta help do sorta columnar layouts, it’d probably be relatively obscure.

I just thank whatever deity is out there that no one came up with an alternate use for the Blink HTML element.


Reminds me of what happened with the table element.

It was designed to display tabular data.

But soon everyone figured out you could do entire page layouts with it.

Dark times.


we will remember you... Oh wait


That technique is still used today for email layouts, I'm just glad there are more tools out there today that build them for you.

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